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Paradigm is the premier provider of
in-house and public training courses on energy risk management topics serving clients that are leading energy producers, marketers, utilities and corporations throughout North America and Europe.

Performance Excellence! Taught by career traders and risk managers, our
seminars provide energy professionals with a practical (non-theoretical) understanding of how to navigate modern energy markets with the goal of excellence in their job performance.

Our training covers an array of risk topics, all energy focused including:

   Hedge strategies and design 
   Basic energy options
   Complex & "Real" options
   Swaps and futures
   Basis trading & FTR's 
   Natural gas deal structuring
Spark spread trading
Heat rate options
   Dark spreads & crack spreads
 Hedging weather
   Unbundling embedded risks
 VaR, EaR & credit risk
 Enterprise risk management

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